Throughout the years i have met a lot of people who have taught tips and tricks. Most of these people are my best friends now in day, and i am thank full for what they have taught me, not for what i have become. Every student can learn something from his teacher, some for good, or some for bad, but it is his choice if he decides to put it use. In my case during the time i was 16 life was perfect for me, i had everything i wanted until a series of unfortunate events changed my life, causing me to lose control of everything that i had. What causes someone to lose there sanity in one single day? LOVE. I wont get into any details, but i will say this for some a heartbreak, will dis-control your life completely and inflict pain every single day of your life, until you finally are able to see that life has actually given you another chance to start over. For me it took time to forget about love, the thing that helped me the most was having true friends, who actually helped get past the past. Then once that happens it all start over form square one, there you must decide once again who you want to be, either the idiot who falls in love again and again, or you can be the smart alec, who is able to see past the desire of being in love, and with just your mind, you are able to control feelings, thought, and yes love. Not only yours, but the feelings of others, yes its a cruel practice, but it works, it worked for me.  From that day on i decided i only had fall down once, to learn how not to fall. In the end my life would change forever, and i knew i wasn’t going to screw up this time, it was a matter of time before a new Saul Gutierrez was born, and thrown into society to fend for myself and learn the true, cruel and depressing facts about life. It was funny how my friends used me as a sample, as a project, to see how far and how much they could get out of me. They designed a new and improved personality that didn’t have any flaws, this personality that was given to me was perfect, i was portrayed as fearless, confident, caring, interesting, and very useful. In other words i was i was a dummy for the new generation. And it went well, to well i must say. I would all start of  with me first learning about women, because naturally i will all ready know what there is to know about men. I was ready cosmo, glamour, and seventeen, and until this day i go buy them every once in a while, I figured out there was so much to learn about women, so much i didn’t know, and so much men really don’t know. After that i had to learn the most simplest code to follow, but also the hardest. Never have feelings, and never fall or say love. why? Because saying love or showing your feelings was the equivalent to being vulnerable. Once you have given to much they will be stuck to you as will you. Giving yourself the opportunity to love someone will completely kill you, because now you only have a eye for only one person. In reality that made complete sense to me, because it explained my last relationship that had given me so much pain. I had given so much of myself for this person i loved and had feelings for, and then tragedy struck, my love was killed within a matter of seconds, my heart was demolished, and feelings had been blown away by someone else. So the not having feeling for anyone, made complete sense for me, this way i even protected myself from being hurt once more, from having to face the battlefield of love, now the only thing i will be facing was my own peers, and its was just a matter of who would had the coldest heart. END OF PART 1