In essence men always think in what is better for them, they always look to please there needs before anybody else’s. Thats where we commit the biggest mistakes. Why? Because we have to make a women hear what she wants to hear while still being able to get what we want. In the end, this is a very difficult task to do. First of all it doesn’t start off by knowing how to talk to a girl, it all starts off with yourself and how you see yourself. IF you dont believe in yourself and what you are able to accomplish, than know one else will either. Thats why it is so important to start off slow by gaining confidence. How do you do this? first you must prove yourself, to yourself. This is accomplished by setting goals and making sure to achieve those goals. If you start of by at least accomplishing one goal a week you will be able to set your standards higher and higher everytime you go out. After this is done you must also prove yourself to your peers. There is nothing that can get a womens attention more than being the king of the hill. Of course this task also takes time. You start of by defeating your envious peers one by one in a public matter. Degrading there morals and pushing them to the limits of there capabilities. After you have accomplished this, then you can you have already set your basis for a strong and fundamental future. We must all understand one point before moving on. As men, we cannot live without women, they are the gift of mother nature, and should be respected as such. There should never, and i repeat Never a moment in which a man disrespects a women, and if you don’t agree with this than maybe is better that you don’t keep on reading. First off women gave birth to us, as a privilege we must defend them in any situation in which they find themselves in danger. They also keep us with a stable state of mind, most women help us achieve what men by themselves cannot do. Now continuing with the lecture, after completing the steps above, you now believe you can go out and talk to any girl right? WRONG!! first off you must decide what type of girl you are trying to encounter or meet. After this, you must also decide what you must do to be ahead of the game, becasue truly you are not going to be the one and only guy that she probably likes or talks to. Do research about the girl, if you know any of her relations, (note i did not say friends) ask them about some simple facts about her style, taste, among other things. Never ask her friends, becasue if you do this you have compromised the whole situation. She might like you back, or she might think your a creep. And if she does like you back, feelings start evolving that can casue some serious damage if you aren’t by this point 100% sure that you like her. So who would be some good relations to ask, well if she works in a office, maybe her secretary, or even the girl she buys coffee from every morning at the coffee shop. after investagating some details its time to finally meet her. But before you do this, you must wear the perfect attire, you never want to come off to cocky or to trashy. So how do you dress? well the key first of all is to take a good shower, then put some of that deodorant, after make sure to pick something up that she would maybe like to see you wearing. How do you know what she wants? well look at what she is wearing, if she is dressing casual then dress casual as well, and dont over do it either, make sure to only wear very few cologne since she might not like what your wearing. after this make sure to comb any hair you have this way you wont look trashy, use a little gel to give your hair a nice aspect or shape. make sure all clothes are ironed neatly. This Section will be continued in about a week……….