Time is what take us from one point to another, Time is what makes us remember what we miss dearly, time is one of our best friends, and at the same time it is our personal enemy that at one point will defeat us all. The time we have can never be gained again, in reality we cant save time, and in reality time will always be there as long as we live. But why is it so important? It is because of time that we have our precious moments in life, as well as having our worst moments, since time surrounds us all we will always have it until it gone. This sounds contradicting, and that’s because it is, and that’s exactly what time is contradicting with each one of us. Some time’s time is not nearly enough and some time’s time is to much. Sometimes we don’t appreciate time, and some times we wish it was always with us. Our greatest memories will always include a past time in which we lose ourselves in great thing we did during that time. Our friends will be included in that time, as well as our family. The only thing is that we will never be able to control time itself, since it something we can see, we can only remember time. So i urge to appreciate time as much as possible.