Cloud has come as a boon to the software developing fraternity as it allows different technologies to coexist and perform simultaneously under a single hood. So, a developer from any technical background can now contribute to the other popular technology easily. Microsoft has entered the cloud computing arena with the Windows Azure platform to increase the development choice for developers. And now this platform has come to Indian shores. With this cloud platform a PHP developer in India can easily develop software based on the powerful .Net architecture. This is to support and encourage the use of the most popular web development technology and reap its advantages. The main purpose of Windows Azure is to provide an infrastructure that is robust, reliable, and scalable for hosting Web applications. Development tools like Visual Studio or Eclipse can be used to build applications that run on Windows Azure.

This is great news for the community of PHP developer in India as they can conveniently call the Azure services as PHP runs on the cloud platform through FastCGI. This cloud environment enables the applications built on PHP to interact and share with the .NET applications, and vice-versa.

With the open source PHP Azure SDK (PHP Azure) easily available any PHP developer in India can work with the Windows Azure cloud platform and build interoperable applications using the open source PHP Azure SDK (PHP Azure). There is a set of PHP classes for HTTP transport, AuthN/AuthZ, REST and Error Management provided by PHP Azure. The cloud interoperability of the PHP developers enables them to work with .Net tools such as Eclipse. If you hire a dedicated PHP developer in India for your cloud computing, you are rest assured of getting a precise web application targeting the Windows Azure cloud platform and also use ADO.Net Data Services included in .NET Framework.

The introduction of the Windows Azure has boosted the opportunities of any budding PHP developer in India since now the developers are no more restricted to their forte, as they can delve into developing in other technologies as well. Moreover, the PHP developers can now create Silverlight applications, IE Webslices & accelerators, and Microsoft Visual Earth maps using PHP. Hence with the right mix of powers of both PHP and .Net, the developers can create superior software to run on the cloud.

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