A new line from a recently launched website, www.Psoop.com, caught the attention of a lot of online advertisers today. Russel Gabiola, a webpreneur who specializes in SEO, asked, “Have you heard the phrase, “Just Psoop It”? No, it’s definitely not from a popular sports brand. It’s the new trend in the marketing world. It’s a way to tell people how to advertise their products and businesses online. A year from now, Psoop.com will probably be the biggest name in the Classified Ads Industry, well at least, that is what the company is hoping for.”

“So what exactly is Psoop and why do people online just want to Psoop their ads? www.Psoop.com is a start-up website that offers an easy way to promote products and businesses online, post jobs, or hire people easily without going through registration and confirmation. The term Psoop just sounds so fast and easy. Advertisers now have the freedom to use their time online for more important things rather than wasting it on registration for posting ads. Even though the site does not require registration, it is built with spam protection and ads that violate posting rules will be removed.”

www.Psoop.com has also announced today that it is seeking funding from angel investors in the amount of $20,000.00 to redesign and to market the recently launched website online.

– Seeking: Funding in the amount of $20,000 for startup and initial 6 months of operation
– Reason: Website Designing and Marketing
– Timeframe: ASAP
– Repayment: Shares from Website Sales and Revenue
– ROI: Well above average within a year

Psoop has taken the initial steps to launch a simple classified ads website to promote products and businesses online with ease. The goal for Psoop.com is to make the website more attractive and user-friendly with added features for security, efficiency, and practicality. Currently, Psoop.com continues to gain popularity accumulating hundreds of ad posts on its first day of launch. Psoop.com already has a rank of 137,000 surpassing new classified ads website.

“Placing ads at Psoop is as easy as 1-2-3. Just fill out a simple form, upload an image and then submit. The ad is automatically added after submission and becomes visible to everyone. If the advertiser decides to change and edit the ad, he or she can just input the ad code sent to the email address provided and continue with the edit. Psoop.com also allows simple reply service to the ad by directly contacting the advertiser using the link displayed on the site. The advertiser automatically receives the reply to his or her email address and exchange messages from there. Psoop.com accepts advertising from various categories such as products and events promotion, websites and domains for sale, job posts, and more. Additionally, advertisers may also choose to feature their ads on all the pages of the site for as low as $50.”

The final step for Psoop.com will be to secure the funding to launch this new project. Funds collected will be specifically used to redesign the existing website and advertise it further online.