Well it’s seems as if things have not changed. Your still the same, with the same tone, the same lies, and the same beauty that once had overpowered my heart. But all that does not matter anymore, because you are a thing of the past. I am a new Saul, one that not many people have seen, nor many people will understand. One thing is for sure, if you feel a certain way about my new persona please don’t waste your time talking behind my back, go ahead and say it to my face. Trust me, i will not contemplate about telling you what i think. And at this point for you who pretended to be my friend, may god have mercy on your soul, never forget who i am, never forget that i love my vengeance, and never forget that i never loose. Be prepared because when you less expect it, there will be no time to react. I have been trained by the best, and i have mastered the the best, all in all i am the best, the only mistakes that i commit is to have trusted such a person who tries to defy me. I am sorry for many things, but i am not sorry for my actions, i am not sorry for having you once as a friend, since it brings me back to reality and it shows me how ugly this world is. It only demonstrates to me what kind of person you are, the person that cannot come to a rational cause, a person that likes to talk about how other people are but cannot realize the tyranny within yourself, a person that likes to make bad of others but cannot see the bad within one’s self. And i do expect for you to me mad, and angry after you read this, and i do expect you to come at me and tell me that i am wrong, and i do expect you to explode within yourself after this, but that is only because you know it’s the truth, and you cannot see that the truth is killing you, you cannot see your errors only the one’s of others. And you will ask if this is how i feel, and i will answer with a certain yes, i will not doubt in telling you the truth even if you don’t like it. May the sins you wish on me be duplicated on yourself. have a good day.