For many years i have always believed i have lived in a big city, and i have always considered myself a city boy. But the  reality of thing is completely different, Don’t get me wrong i love living in Kansas city, especially these past few years, since i have been able to experience the growth and structure of future powerhouse. Yet there are many thing that have been left out, many thing that i know would make that growth much stronger and faster. Within a few years we added the a entertainment district as well as a new arena, we also remodeled the old royals stadium, and had a few minor additions to our city, but this is still not enough. It’s true Kansas city may never compare to NYC or LA in a million year due to its history and background, but that should not keep us from not trying to achieve greatness. One Addition i believe that should be done is a basketball team. Not only do we have a new arena to host basketball teams, but it would also create new business and jobs for local entrepreneurs. Another opportunity we have is by adding a light rail system to Kansas city, recently it has been in debate for the past two to three years, and i still have not seen much development on it. Once again if Kansas city legislators were to think about how many jobs it would bring to Kansas city, and how much faster and greener the city would be able to transport and breath I’m sure they would approve the light rail system. Kansas city is receiving many opportunity’s and great ideas as we speak, now is not the time to be afraid of an expanding city, and what we can achieve. Our only great enemy time, and he can be defeated by our acceptance of a new and brighter future for the great Kansas city.